Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Picking up the thread

After packing up the house (including sewing machine) and shipping self and family to the other side of the world (including the dog), it about time to do more sewing.

A little nervous as the last time I attempted to sew anything, I ended up sewing through my finger, fainting, and ending up in casualty with a suspected fractured clavicle...but that's another story.

But, and amazing discovery, a darning foot - full protection for the didgets, my sewing is no longer extreme. Probably not that amazing for people with any sewing skill.

Using my mother's sewing machine, feels like driving a Mercedes after being used to a much more agricultural vehicle. My New Year's Resolution is to put my sewing machine up for auction the minute it comes out of storage.

Anyway, the local charity shop kindly sold me some napkins and a tablecloth for 3 pounds, I'm in the starting blocks, and I'm off ------------------------------

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