Sunday, October 25, 2009

Life drawing

I'm ashamed to admit, it's been around a year since I've undertaken any life drawing. A little rusty and quite nervous, I joined a group at the Women's Centre for two drawing sessions.

As usual I think my warm ups were my strongest work all evening. But the process of drawing and intense looking was a great boost to my creativity.

I use my life drawings as a starting point for my sewn pieces, often tracing parts and constantly referring back to them while I work.

The left drawing is Vicky, compressed charcoal on newsprint. One of the 2 minute poses, I love the movement of her leaning towards the viewer.

The second one is Julie, my favourite drawing from the sessions, it's just a pity I ran out of paper for the feet. I may be able to borrow some feet from another drawing if I decide to use the image.

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